Dental Hygiene Routine for Kids with Braces

Dental Hygiene Routine for Kids with Braces

Dental Hygiene Routine for Kids with Braces

If your kid is rocking braces, it’s paramount that you ensure they maintain good dental hygiene. Without proper dental care, braces increase the risk of tiny food particles and plaque getting trapped in between their gaps. This can result in decay under braces or staining around the areas where braces are in contact with the teeth.

Here are a few routine practices to help your kid maintain proper dental hygiene when wearing braces:

1. Watching what they eat

When wearing braces, kids have to avoid certain foods such as sticky gums, hard nuts and highly acidic items such as soft drinks. Sticky foods like gummy bears, caramel, cotton candy, and tough cuts of meat can easily get stuck under or in-between braces and cause damage. Hard food items like nuts, popcorn, ice, apples, and raw carrots risk loosening the bending wires and bands on braces, or even breaking them.

Acidic items such as sodas, oranges, and lemons should also be avoided or taken in small amounts – whether one has braces or not – to prevent teeth staining and enamel damage over time.

2. Brushing

Brushing is an integral part of dental care for a kid with braces. It helps keep their teeth and braces clean and safe from plaque build-up. Your kid will need to brush their teeth at least two to three times a day, for about two minutes each time. However, brushing will require a little more effort because of the braces in the first few days.

3. Flossing

You should ensure that your kid flosses at least once per day, or if possible every time they brush. Flossing is essential for a kid with braces because it helps remove trapped food particles in places that would otherwise be hard to reach even with a toothbrush.

4. Mouth Rinses

Make sure that your child rinses their mouth with water or mouthwash three to four times per day to help loosen food particles that may be trapped in the braces. This should be accompanied by careful and thorough brushing.

5. Checkups

Depending on the type of braces your kid is using and their dentist’s recommendations, it’s important to take them for regular teeth cleaning and checkups at set intervals (say every 3, 4, or 6 months). The dentist will give additional tips and ideas on how to maintain dental hygiene for your kid when the braces are on.

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