Development of naturally straight teeth in children

Development of naturally straight teeth in children

Parents with young children are concerned about their children having crooked teeth. This is the top reason why they take their kids to the dentist. More than half of all children develop overlapping or crowded teeth. It is for this reason that understanding the underlying cause is important.

Genetics plays a huge role in the development of straight teeth. A person with straight teeth had sufficient growth of both jaws, upper and lower, so as to accommodate the mass of all the teeth. Also, all the teeth grew in their correct spots and in the right order. Not everyone is that lucky. However, other than bad genes there are other reasons that could lead to the development of crocked teeth.

Here are some steps to help your child grow straight teeth:

Correct bad habits
Some habits babies develop such as thumb sucking and sucking on a pacifier might seem harmless, but they might have effects that get noticed later in life. You might use a pacifier to sooth your child but you should stop when they get to the age of two. There are a number of other behaviors such as tongue thrusting, breathing through the mouth and reverse swallowing that can contribute to misalignment of teeth. These habits are hard to break but as a parent who wants their kids to have straight teeth you must try to break them.

Prevent tooth decay
Tooth decay in children can cause long term dental damage which could lead to crowded or crooked teeth because the permanent structures cannot be guided into their proper position. Tooth decay can also lead to tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost the surrounding teeth can shift or tip into the empty space if the permanent tooth is not ready to grow just yet. To avoid tooth decay, parents must teach their children proper oral hygiene.

Regular visits to the dentist
Some parents do not take their children to the dentist until later in life. This is the first mistake they make. Just as your child’s baby teeth start growing, you should make regular visits to the dentist. Not only will the dentist ensure that the child’s teeth clean, but they also keep an eye on their inbound adult teeth.

Visit the orthodontics
If your dentist notices something wrong with the inbound teeth they will refer you to an orthodontist. The sooner the visit to the orthodontist the sooner the treatment will start. If treatment starts early it will be easier and cheaper to correct the problems. It is easier to correct issues when they are minor before they become major issues.

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