Oxford Dentist Community Outreach Program

Kids Zone Dental Tooth Fairy Community Outreach Program

Kids Zone Dental office has collaborated with Oxford School Department to bring Tooth Fairy Community Outreach Program to weekly groups in Oxford, Charlton, Dudley, and Webster during the week of March 12.

Dressed in a gleaming blue gown, with feathery white wings spread across her back and a golden crown atop her head, the uniform she normally wears during her night job as the Tooth Fairy, Kate our amazing Tooth Fairy, explained to Oxford Public Schools children how important it is for them to care for their teeth.

The kids who ranged in age from 0-8, asked Kids Zone Tooth Fairy so many questions about whether or not she could fly, what does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth? How many teeth does she collect in a night?

She answered every question patiently, gave them so much valuable and very interesting information regarding dental health in a way that was fun for them, and engaged with them in a way that was very genuine and appropriate for their ages and abilities.

We were so happy to have the opportunity to come and visit with the children, to share tooth tips and distribute goodie bag with dental supplies and information.

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