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Non-Candy Halloween Treats – Keeping Child’s Teeth Healthy

Halloween is full of haunts and spooks, tricks and treats – but these can make your child’s next dentist visit scary. There are several alternatives to candy you can give to little ghosts and goblins this year. It isn’t just dentists that wish there were different treats passed out on Halloween. Many parents worry about food allergens in the candy, and children that can’t have sweets look at their tiny hauls with sadness.

Here are some alternatives to Halloween candy to help keep your child’s teeth healthy:

1. Glow sticks, necklaces, wands;
2. Halloween Stickers
3. Mini crayon and Mini coloring books
4. Mini Play-Doh
5. Halloween themed temporary tattoos
6. Fake bugs or spiders
7. Plastic vampire fangs
8. Whistles
9. Stamps
10. Tiny bottles of bubbles
11.  Halloween pencils, erasers, and pencil toppers
12.  Skeleton key chains, funny mustaches
14.  Yo yos/ /Mini prisms
15. Toothbrushes

All of these treats are sure to make any child smile, and reducing the amount of sugar in a treat basket makes parents happy, too. Many communities have a special “code” – such as a teal colored pumpkin – for houses that are handing out other treats than candy. Halloween can be fun with tiny toys and stickers, and your children and you will be much happier when their next dental check-up rolls around.
If you have already had a few too many treats, maybe it’s time for your next appointment. Call our office to make an appointment at 508-731-0808.

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