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Tooth Fairy presentation at Mary R. Fisher Elementary School

Kids Zone Dental Tooth Fairy and her helper Ollie, visited Mary R. Fisher Elementary School, to teach students, grades preschool through grade 1 about why it is important to take care of their teeth starting at a young age.

Tooth Fairy Kate, kept their attention through speaking to them, reading books, and using Ollie to demonstrate and talk about proper diet and dental hygiene. Students learned about bacteria and cavities and how to take care of their teeth.

Every student went home with information and their own toothbrush chosen from the ‘treasure chest’.

Students had a lot of questions for the tooth fairy. She answered them all: where do you put all my teeth after you take them, are those wings real, how do you fly to everyone each night ?

Children were enthusiastic to have met the Tooth Fairy.
Thank you Mary R. Fisher Elementary School for having us!

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