Smart Snacks for healthy teeth

Smart Snacks for healthy teeth | Pediatric Dentist in Oxford, MA

Choose smart snacks to keep your children smiling and promote healthy snacking in the future.

In the quick-paced school day, kids rarely have time to sit for a large meal, which makes snacking a vital part of their schedule. Unfortunately, vending machines and snack-packs from the grocery store don’t always provide the most nutritious options for parents to choose from. But that doesn’t mean they need to skip snacking altogether. Here are two smart snacking tips to keep kids on the path to a healthy smile.

A Healthy Diet Stays Fresh

Kids who eat a lot of sugary or acidic foods don’t just run the risk of getting cavities, they also damage the structure of their teeth. Snacks with citric acid or high amounts of sugar attack the enamel and ravage the softer dentin underneath. Avoid processed fruit snacks, particularly those chewy treats that have a tendency to stick to the teeth. Fresh fruits provide a sweet alternative and won’t linger after snack time.

Healthy Snacks Contribute to Healthy Teeth

Healthy snacks don’t just help kids avoid cavities, they provide nutrients that can help keep their teeth healthy from the inside. Some great snacks to consider for a healthy and productive day include

  • Apples-these fibrous fruits provide vitamins and plenty of fiber, while the texture scrubs the teeth and tongue of bacteria
  • Cheese-high in calcium to help keep teeth strong, cheese also has a protein that strengthens teeth from the inside out
  • Yogurt-low or non-fat yogurt contains calcium, protein and phosphorus, which protects tooth enamel from sugary attacks while strengthening the teeth from the inside

Healthy snacking while they’re young can keep kids on the path to a healthy smile. Regular cleanings and periodic checkups from Kids Zone Dental can help keep them smiling long into the future. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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