Teeth development in children: From Baby Teeth to Permanent Teeth

Teeth development in children: From Baby Teeth to Permanent Teeth

Do you know the process of development of teeth in children? Parents often wonder – when should baby teeth come in? When should they fall out? It is always important to understand what you should expect from teeth development in children. And, of course, when you visit Kids Zone Dental, you will work closely with our team to ensure your child’s teeth develop properly.

Baby Teeth

Those first few teeth can be an exciting time. Your child is growing and developing. Most children will have all of their baby teeth by the time they are age three. Most will begin to show up within the first few months of life. Most often, baby teeth show up quickly and often can bring on a small fever and pain. Most children will develop teeth from the bottom first, and usually in the front before the back.

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart


Permanent Teeth

Most children will begin to experience some loosening of their teeth around five to six years of age. When this happens naturally – rather than due to being struck in the mouth – it is often because permanent teeth are beginning to erupt. The baby tooth is pushed upwards and out as the permanent tooth comes in. By the age of nine, most children will see all of their baby teeth fall out. Some children will see teeth come in even at the age of 12.

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart


Accidental loosening can happen. This occurs when the tooth is knocked loose or even falls out before the permanent tooth begins to erupt. Generally, it is important to bring your child in for an exam. If the tooth space is not properly protected with a spacer, it can lead to poor alignment later.

Also, note it is possible for baby teeth not to fall out before the permanent tooth begins to come in. When this happens, usually in the front teeth. It can create two rows of teeth. This is called shark’s teeth. We’ll watch this condition and determine if there is a need to remove the baby teeth. Most often, this is not the case.

At Kids Zone Dental, we provide our patients with exceptional service and attention to their needs. We encourage you to come in to see us and to discuss teeth development in children more fully. Call us for an appointment at 508-731-0808.

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