Chaffee Elementary School Kids Zone Dental Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy made a special visit to Chaffee Elementary School

Our Tooth Fairy visited the Chaffee Elementary School in Oxford, Massachusetts. She spoke to Pre-K and First Grade students, approximately 266 kids, educating them regarding the importance of oral hygiene and routine check up at your local dentist.

Tooth Fairy’s favorite number is TWO because…

  • Brush 2x a day
  • Brush for 2 mins
  • Visit your Dentist 2x per year

Tooth fairy’s favorite vegetable is a PEA ! Because she loves Peas so much she applies a pea size amount of toothpaste to her toothbrush.

She also read the book with a student “Going to the Dental Office”, counted teeth by letters, sang the alphabet song and learned how to spell TEETH.

Thank you for having us Chaffee Elementary School!

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